What to expect in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Santa Teresa is a small coastal town on the Nicoya Peninsula, of the Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica. Located roughly 150 kilometres (93 miles) west of the capital city of San José, this small town began as a remote fishing village, relying on agriculture, cattle ranching and small-scale fishing. Today Santa Teresa is now a booming travel destination in Costa Rica, with tourism providing the main source of the town’s income.

CRI_131211_04783If you want to surf but don’t know how there are plenty of surf camps and numerous surf schools and shops who cater to all ages and levels of surf experience. The breaks of Playa Santa Teresa are also excellent for beginners learning to surf.  Fishing, snorkeling and kite-surfing are other popular water activities thanks to the areas crystal clear waters and abundance of wildlife.

beach yogaSanta Teresa is ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. You can walk for miles to the north or south of Santa Teresa as you explore this picturesque coastline. Whether you gaze out at the ocean, peer into the jungle or get your feet wet for a little underwater adventure, Santa Teresa’s coastline is sure to leave you speechless.

If you’d rather rest and relax on the beach, enjoy the stunning view from a lounge chair or try out the yoga and spa services located on the sunny shores. Worried about burning? Luckily there are lots of shady hideaways on the beach thanks to the jungle that hugs the shoreline.

Horseback riding on Playa Manzanillo, Costa RicaOther activities offered in Santa Teresa include boat tours that go around the tip of the peninsula, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), horseback riding, or a canopy tour on the edge of the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve.

When it comes time for Santa Teresa’s spectacular sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, everyone seems to gather at the beach to enjoy the cool breezes, while watching the surfers and making plans for the evening.

Most who come to Santa Teresa never want to leave, and as a result, over the years many travellers decided have decided to stay and make Santa Teresa their home. This influx of newcomers created a very multicultural town with a variety of stylish boutiques, restaurants and bars dotting the hillside to meet any traveler’s needs.

nightlife santa teresaSanta Teresa offers plenty of nightlife, especially during high season and even more so over the Christmas holidays. Drop in to the unique atmosphere of a “Baile” in the dancehall of “La Lora”, or hit Santa Teresa’s other nightspots on the beach where international DJ’s spin electronic dance music.  A super popular event in Santa Teresa are the reggae nights, music that is so perfectly in tune with the tropical lifestyle.

Let the staff at Latitude 10 know what interests you and we will make sure you get the most out of your visit to Santa Teresa!

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Join us in the Blue Zone here in Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica!

“In 2004, Dan Buettner teamed up with National Geographic and the world’s best longevity researchers to identify pockets around the world where people live measurably longer better. In these “Blue Zones” they found that people reach age 100 at rates 10 times greater than in the United States”.

It just so happens that Latitude 10 is located in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, one of five blue zone pockets in the world.

The Nicoya Peninsula, an 80-mile peninsula just south of the Nicaraguan border, boasts especially long lifespans, even higher than the rest of Costa Rica’s already impressive rates.

Latitude 10 Kayaking

Nicoya Peninsula

So how do we do it? Well, we owe some of our longevity to Costa Rica’s economic security and excellent health care.  However there are many cultural and local environmental factors that contribute to a long, happy and healthy life in Nicoya.

Faith and family play a strong role in Nicoyan culture. So does plan de vida, or reason to live, which helps Nicoyan elders maintain a positive outlook and active lifestyle. Nicoyans eat little to no processed foods but plenty of antioxidant-rich tropical fruit. But they also have one unique secret: calcium and magnesium rich water, which wards off heard disease and promotes strong bones.CRI_131210_03953-Edit

If you want to know our secret to a long and healthy life, the Blue Zones team collected data from Nicoya, Costa Rica on ways to live longer and be happier. This information has been translated into lessons that can be implemented into your everyday life.

Have a plan de vida.   

Successful centenarians have a strong sense of purpose. They feel needed and want to contribute to a greater good.  For example, at Latitude 10 we believe we can help create a better world by being sustainable and encouraging others to do so! 

Drink hard water.

Nicoyan water has the country’s highest calcium content, perhaps explaining the lower rates of heart disease, as well as stronger bones and fewer hip fractures.  Relax and have a sip from the fountain of youth by the pool deck.CRI_131210_03935

Keep a focus on family.

Nicoyan centenarians tend to live with their families, and children or grandchildren provide support and a sense of purpose and belonging. Bring your family to Latitude 10 and create some memories that will last forever.View of Playa Manzanillo, Costa Rica while horseback riding

Eat a light dinner.

Eating fewer calories appears to be one of the surest ways to add years to your life. Nicoyans eat a light dinner early in the evening. Come enjoy some of our Costa Rican dishes like these delicious fish tacos! CRI_131210_04243

Maintain social networks.

Nicoyan centenarians get frequent visits from neighbors. They know how to listen, laugh, and appreciate what they have. Like a good neighbor, the staff at Latitude 10 are always ready and willing to lend a helping hand!Latitude 10 Resort team

Keep hard at work.

Centenarians seem to have enjoyed physical work of all their lives. They find joy in everyday physical chores. Don’t worry, here at Latitude 10 you can get some physical activity in on the beach!Surfing in Santa Teresa

Get some sensible sun.

Nicoyans regularly take in the sunshine, which helps their bodies produce vitamin D for strong bones and healthy body function. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a host of problems, such as osteoporosis and heart disease, but regular, “smart” sun exposure (about 15 minutes on the legs and arms) can help supplement your diet and make sure you’re getting enough of this vital nutrient. Enjoy the sun, then relax in the shady hammocks on the beach. CRI_131210_03859

Embrace a common history.

Modern Nicoyan’s roots to the indigenous Chorotega and their traditions have enabled them to remain relatively free of stress. Their traditional diet of fortified maize and beans may be the best nutritional combination for longevity the world has ever known. Take some tours and get to know the local culture! Culture Day in Costa Rica

While it is good for you to try these at home, the best way to experience the Blue Zone is to come and visit us! Out here, a little R&R can go a long way!

Just in case you’re wondering, here are the other Blue Zones of the world:

  • The Italian island of Sardinia.
  • Okinawa, Japan.
  • Loma Linda, California.
  • Costa Rica’s isolated Nicoya Peninsula.
  • Ikaria, an isolated Greek island


Some of the information above is excerpts from Blue Zones: Lessons For Living Longer From The People Who’ve Lived The Longest by Dan Buettner, copyright 2008, all rights reserved

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Advantages of a small boutique hotel

Everyone loves to be pampered, but not everyone loves staying in the large generic five story resort where all the rooms are identical and you share your patio view with four other neighbors.

1At Latitude 10 we believe that a luxury getaway can be unique and still have  attentive staff dedicated to a high level of service.

Originally built as a private residence, the property was meant to be a small summer hang out for family and their friends. The idea was to create a secret place, hidden from the outside world by overgrown jungle and native plants. The layout was designed in a way that no trees had to be cut down during the construction, for this reason a dense canopy covers the property. At night, guests were to explore the grounds with wooden torches as lighting. Villas were to be dimly lit with candles and lamps at night and completely open during the day. Cobble stone pathways were to intertwine and connect   each villa until finally merging and revealing the ultimate surprise: the spectacular clubhouse, with the teal swimming pool and crystal clear ocean in the background.

Today, Latitude 10 still preserves that summer hang out feel, and guests may enjoy the privacy and exclusivity that this implicates. Most of the staff members have been part of the team since the opening, and the new members embrace the concept that characterized the property. Thanks to our small size, a large crew of full-time staff and a resident chef, you can expect us to deliver the highest level of quality service that luxury living can afford along with personalized pampering.2

Another advantage of a small boutique hotel is the unique décor inspired by local artists and designed specifically for each casita. At Latitude 10, casitas are constructed from almond wood and decorated with local art and handiwork. The grounds are wild letting you get in touch with nature. You can expect to see curious wildlife like Big Bird, the Tiger Heron who loves our pool.

Latitude 10’s five-acre beachfront boutique hotel features five secluded, open-air casitas nestled in nature, steps from a beautiful, empty beach. You’ll be surrounded by nature whether lounging in your casita or on the beach.

Guests sleep and relax in deluxe comfort while coinciding harmoniously with nature.

3Although Latitude 10’s private bungalows are all unique, they do share the following features expected from a luxury resort such as 400-thread count, organic cotton linens on either King or Queen sized beds, private porches with cozy chairs and hammocks, spacious living areas, spa style outdoor showers with hot water and sunflower shower head, locally-made, organic soap, lotion, shampoo and bug spray and candlelit turn-down service.

Are you ready to be pampered?


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Alaska Airlines to Costa Rica

It’s always great to see a new airline offering flights to Costa Rica! It means any trip from the Pacific Northwest just got a lot easier. With direct flights from Los Angeles – San Jose and Los Angeles – Liberia, getting to Costa Rica has never been easier.

Flights will be available for purchase for the new Costa Rica routes starting May 21, 2015 pending approval by the Costa Rican civil aviation authorities

– Read more on AlaskaAir.com

Alaska flights

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Another happy guest living the “Pura Vida” at Latitude 10 Resort

Brightly colored sunsets adorn our evening skies here in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.  Yellow, orange, blue, purple, pink and more are the colors that you can find in these lovely sunsets.

We incite you to lie down on our hammocks and enjoy the Pura Vida life style at Latitude 10 Resort.  Every evening enjoy with this beautiful view and a fresh fruit smoothie.

Good surf, wellness and romance are all available at Playa Santa Teresa’s boutique hotel, Latitude 10 Resort.

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The Greatest Green Family Vacation of the World!

View of Playa Manzanillo, Costa Rica while horseback riding

Latitude 10 and its sister hotels in the Cayuga Collection are inviting you to come down south and help us create the greatest green and sustainable family vacation in the world! You an apply through the Cayuga Collection website to help us with this vision.

Latitude 10 is a perfect family destination, with activities for everyone from 2 to 99, plus our exclusive casitas allow you and your family to relax with privacy after a day of playing in the sun.

What can be more fun than catching your first wave with your son or daughter after one of our beginner surfing lessons!?

We recognize the power that a holiday can have on a family’s happiness and furthermore, we have seen first hand how a sustainable family vacation can leave a lasting impact on the environmental habits of the participants and we want your help to show others how green we can be.

Kayaking in Curu Bay, Costa Rica

Our participating properties are:
Lapa Rios Eco Lodge on the Osa Peninsula: Literally in the middle of the rainforest, surrounded by nature and wildlife, a true tropical Costa Rican experience.
Harmony Hotel Nosara: Laid back with yoga and spa for mum, amazing beach and surfing for everyone else, and the juice bar and sushi bar are not to be missed!
Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Inn: Amazing culinary tours, birding, volcanoes, cloud forests and zip lines close at hand.
Arenas del Mar Resort in Manuel Antonio: The best of both worlds, with rainforests and ocean on either side, full service spa, and outstanding food.
Jicaro Island Ecolodge in Lake Nicaragua: Choose a lake experience, with swimming, kayaking volcano explorations, exploring the streets of nearby Granada and Baseball with the local kids.
• Latitude 10 Resort in Santa Teresa: Family Surf Vacation or some horseback riding along the beach. Staying in your own private casita has many perks.
Hotel Grano de Oro in San Jose: Exploring the vibrant capital city of Costa Rica,

colonial charm with museums, theater and great restaurants close by.
You can apply here and deadline is May 17th.


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Green love during the Green Season

Enjoying the sunset looking out from Latitude 10

Enjoying the sunset looking out from Latitude 10

Do you dream with a beach wedding in an idyllic paradise?

Latitude 10 is here to make your dreams come true, as a small eco resort we can give you our full attention and create the perfect ceremony and Honey Moon for you and your partner. More and more couples from around the world are choosing Costa Rica to tie the knot as  natural wonders coexist with first class  luxury and personalized services.

Latitude 10 is the perfect example of this and we can create a honeymoon experience tailored for you. In and around the resort you will find ample hiking, surfing, snorkeling trips, deep-sea fishing, adventure tours, local cuisine and wildlife sightings while at the same time you can just retreat to your casita and enjoy a private moment surrounded by nature.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with a private dinner in Costa Rica

The green season is also starting on May 1st and that means that we will be offering value rates  all the way until October 31st. Furthermore, during the green season, for every three nights you book you get a fourth one on us.

Come celebrate with us, let us be the backdrop to this chapter of your love story.

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Surf Series- Buying your First Surfboard

Surfing in Santa Teresa

You have taken a few surfing lessons where you borrowed a board form your instructor and you just loved it,  now you have decided to take on surfing full on and you want to purchase your own surfboard but do not know where to start.

The surf shop is overwhelming and the rows and rows of shine surfboards just look impossible to navigate, the sales rep will probably try to help you but you never know if what they are trying to sell you is the best fit for you or for their bottom line.

This is why it is important to arrive at any surf shop with a good idea on the basics you need as a beginner and what you do not need.

Surfing at Latitude 10

Our suggestions are:

  • Your Surfboard should be at least a foot to up to a foot and a half taller than you.
  • The Surfboard should be a “funboard” that means in the middle between a longboard and a shortboard.
  • Go to a Standard 20 to 22 Inch width.
  • Do not get a board with 2 fins, they are difficult to learn on, get a single fin or a three fin. this will also help your pocket and when you are ready to move on to the next skill level you can choose a new shiny surfboard to match your new skill set.

Over all make sure that your first surfboard is comfortable, think function before looks!



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Latitude 10 a private, active, perfect honeymoon spot for Valentine’s Day.

A couple from Canada enjoying Latitude 10's exclusivity.

A couple from Canada enjoying Latitude 10’s exclusivity.

Latitude 10 prides itself for being THE surfing resort in Costa Rica. Our beaches have the best waves in the region and surfers from all over the world come to our resort to take advantage of our great playground.

Our playground is also perfect for newlyweds who look for an active option for their honeymoon plans while also being able to have a private retreat after the day’s activities. A day at Latitude 10 is a mix of luxury, adventure and respect for the environment, and when you are done with surfing, horseback riding, hiking, trekking and swimming  and ready to rest you have your own private Casita.

Each of the Casitas are located a reasonable distance from each other, and once inside you can enjoy your time with your loved one with out any distractions from the outside world.

There is also no television or internet inside any of our Casitas, we want to make sure that you are present at all moments and really enjoy your first days as a married couple together.

Furthermore, the green season is coming up and this is a perfect time to book your honeymoon trip for as there is less traffic through the resort and you will surely have the most private retreat you can imagine.

The progression of learning to surf at Latitude 10



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Of Sharks and Turtles

Baby turtles hatching at Latitude 10 Resort, Santa Teresa

Wildlife marvels us everyday in Costa Rica, here, we get to experience first hand the way of life of the different species that make our small nation their home. Sometimes, we even get lucky enough and get to watch how some animals have developed their own strategies to cope with the challenges life brings up.

Turtle at Latitude 10

Turtles and Sharks are both inhabitants of the Costa Rica’s ocean waters, Latitude 10 has it’s own share of Turtles and Turtle nests, and you can see how they “interact” in this amazing video where a sea turtle avoids being a shark’s dinner by using its shell and swimming around the shark in very tight circles, circles that the shark cannot match.

This video was filmed by Pretoa, an organization dedicated to the protection of Sharks and Turtles in Costa Rica  and gives us  another taste of the wonders of Costa Rica’s wildlife.



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