Fitness exercises for surfing

Preparing for a surf session in Santa Teresa

Preparing for a surf session in Santa Teresa

It is no secret that one of the main activities at Latitude 10 is surfing and catching some waves in Santa Teresa has become a bucket list item for visitors that come to our beautiful resort. There are a few factors a surfer can work on to improve each outing and one of this factors is conditioning.

Here are a few exercises you can do to improve your surfing and be ready for your next visit to Latitude 10.

We will start with two basics.

Getting up Quickly and Smoothly:

Getting to you feet quickly and smoothly is a fundamental surfing skill. Here is a great drill that will help you practice this transition so that when you hit the water it will feel as second nature. If you do not have a TRX Suspension Trainer you can do a similar exercise with a FITBall.
1. Start on the floor with one foot in the TRX strap. (TRX needs to be in single handle mode)
2. Do a quick press off the floor and draw your knee towards your chest. Really pull you knee in close. Hold for one second and then release the foot back and return to the floor. Repeat five times.
3. As soon as you complete your five reps perform five surfer pop-ups.
4. Make sure to stick each pop up with solid balance in your surfing crouch.
5. Do the same drill using the other foot and popping up to the opposite stance.

Increasing Paddling Endurance

Missing a wave because your arms feel heavy and powerless is inexcusable, you should always be prepared to ride the next wave and paddle endurance is vital for this. These endurance exercises should be don in sets of 30 to 50 repetitions to induce endurance to fatigue.

1 minute rest between sets is recommended.

1. Standing Pull
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, back straight, with a hinge at your hips. Have your hands in the handles in front of your shoulders. The top part of the movement simulates your hand entering the water. Have your palms down and wrists slightly flexed. Keep your elbows slightly bent as you simulate catching water and propelling your surfboard. Pull to your hips and hold for a moment, keeping your shoulder blades pulled down and back. Keep resistance on the bands as you reverse the motion, and repeat.

2. High Elbow Row
Stand with tall posture and your feet shoulder-width apart. Grasp the handles and straighten your arms in front of your shoulders. Pull your elbows back, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Pause for a moment, and then return to the start position. This movement helps get your arms out of the water as you recover back to the entry phase.

3. Triceps Push
With the same stance as the Standing Pull, lock your arms close to your sides and bend your elbows. Press back to your hips. Resist the band as you bend your elbows back to the starting position, repeat.

Keep tuned for more surfing tips soon.


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We don’t have air conditioning

At Latitude 10 we decided that we weren’t going to have A/C in our rooms. We’ve had one or two people over the years who think that’s an odd choice but let us explain.

  1. First of all the amount of energy that A/C uses is incredibly high. As an eco-lodge we pride ourselves on the low impact of our resort.

    Home-made warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream local ingredients

    Cool off with a cold snack!

  2. If we were to use A/C we would have to close off all of the windows and prevent the natural breeze from coming through. Every day nature provides a natural form of A/C that we call wind. Combine the wind with a little bit of shade from our cabanas and you will find the inside of our casitas the perfect temperature.

    a netted in king size bed

    The open concept ensures great views from every angle of the casita

  3. The noise of A/C is really disrupting. We have a private oasis just steps from the beach, we would rather listen to the surf that a motor and fan buzzing away all day and night.

    A great way to cool down!

    A great way to cool down!

  4. It’s simply not necessary!

The best way to cool down while you’re at Lat10 is to hop in the pool, go for a swim in the ocean, have a cool drink, or sit back in the shade. We’re proud of our choice to not use A/C in Santa Theresa,

What do you think? Would A/C work at Latitude 10?

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Surf etiquette in Costa Rica

Surfing is unlike many other sports or past-times due to the natural environment that surfing takes place in. With many surfers out to catch waves and only so many waves available per day, it is important that everyone knows the same basic rules while on the water.

Preparing for a surf session in Santa Teresa

Preparing for a surf session in Santa Teresa

  1. The first is that you never want to “drop in” on somebody else. The simplest way to describe this is the person closest to the breaking wave has priority, if you are the next person in line then wait your turn.
  2. Surf within your abilities. It will make sure you stay safe and prevent you from creating a hazard to other people in the line up.
  3. Wait your turn! Sometimes it feels like you have to wait forever for the right wave and then somebody else takes it. Don’t worry, there are always more waves.
  4. Never let go of your board. Hang on as best you can. A loose surfboard is hazardous to you and everyone around you.

Surfing is fantastic as long as everyone knows the same rules.


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Honeymoon season at Latitude 10!

Summer Wedding season is just behind us, which means that  Latitude10 is getting ready for quite a few couples arriving in the next few weeks for their Honey Moons.

We love hosting love and latitude10, with its individually standing casitas and its location between the  jungle and ocean, is a perfect destination for newlyweds.

The progression of learning to surf at Latitude 10

Furthermore, Latitude10 is the perfect combination of relaxation and privacy with a very diverse array of fun activities. No compromises, relax big or play big.

A few examples of what this happy couples get up to while they are here are:

-Horse back riding tour: An experienced guide will take you and your significant other through the Manzanillo hills. While riding, your guide will share the secrets of Santa Teresa’s flora and fauna.  On your way back to your casita feel free to gallop away or just enjoy a steady trot and take in the view of the ocean.

-Catch some waves! even if you’ve never done it before. You both can take a surfing lesson from our experienced instructors! Who knows, you might love it and turn this into a common hobby. Nothing keeps a couple together like catching waves together.

-Spa time: Now that you have spent a full day exploring Santa Teresa and learning how to Surf it’s time for some rest and relaxation. Latitude10 has broad range of wellness services that can be taken in the comfort of your casita.

Our goal is for you two to have the best beginning to a life long commitment. After you leave Santa Teresa you will feel ready to take on the world, together.

Enjoying the sunset looking out from Latitude 10

Enjoying the sunset looking out from Latitude 10

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Kayak fishing costa rica

Shot of fishing gear put on shore near a hut

Setting off first thing in the morning.

Latitude 10 Beach Resort benefits from its close location to Cabo Blanco National Reserve, one of the first national parks in Costa Rica, specifically created to protect both land and marine flora and fauna. The southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula is home to excellent fishing, and Latitude 10 guests have the opportunity to practice their catch and release skills.

Often viewed as an excellent surfing destination – which it truly is – Santa Teresa and the surrounding Pacific coastal waters also offer access to deep-sea fishing where those who drop their lines have the chance to catch (and release) different varieties of snappers and perch. Deep-sea fishing also often provides the chance for guests to see dolphins who inhabit the local waters.

Shot of open waters with a pair of kayakers in the background

Kayaking on the ocean of Costa Rica

Between deep-sea fishing, a visit to the nearby town of Santa Teresa, and the option to surf the optimum swell, guests leave Latitude 10 Beach Resort with a greater appreciation for this unique area in Costa Rica.

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Intermediate Surfing Tips

A few tips to get you going-

So, you have taken up the challenge of learning something new, took a few lessons, or maybe found a friend that took the time to teach you, and now you have a good understanding of surfing and want to refine your skills and get to the next level.

Getting pumped for the paddle!

Getting pumped for the paddle!

Costa Rica has surfing spots for all levels of skill and Santa Teresa happens to accommodate the entire surfing skill range from beginner to accomplished.  Costa Rica  is the best place to travel with a few friends to refine your skills and here are a few tips that can help you get a little better every day.

-Use your body’s power to generate your own speed. This means, don’t just use the power of the wave but also throw your arms in the direction that you want to go. This simple movement will make your board go much faster.

-Lower your center of gravity. Get low, bend your knees and waist while attempting a difficult maneuver like turning or finishing, this will provide you with more balance and control to perform it and make for a way better ride!

-Stay on the peak or behind the peak of the wave at take off. This will help you to produce a better first turn, setting you up for a long and fun ride.

Most importantly though is to keep trying and keeping a relaxed attitude about it. Also, you can always ask for the aid of an instructor who can help you with tips to improve your surfing while in Costa Rica.Latitude10-112


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Isla Tortuga, A True Treasure Island

tortugaAmong the many natural wonders of Costa Rica is Isla Tortuga.

This island, a tropical paradise only a  boat ride  away from Santa Teresa in the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, is a volcanic formation home to one of the most beautiful volcanic reefs you have ever seen and a great spot for snorkeling in crystal clear water.

Latitude 10 can take you to Tortuga Island for full day trip of both excitement and relaxation (we couldn’t have it any other way at Latitude 10).  The adventure begins at first light and as soon as the boat anchors you will be able to explore around this amazing volcanic reef snorkeling on your own time.

Lunch and drinks are ready for you as you step out of the Pacific and the afternoon is left to you to relax or explore the island. Isla Tortuga truly feels and looks like it could be hiding a pirate’s treasure within it.  So, who knows!  You might be able to find a privateer’s treasure chest hidden somewhere along the Island.

However if you decide to just take it easy and relax, Tortuga’s  white sandy beaches and  lush vegetation are the perfect location for the activity of no activity.

A hammock at Latitude 10 Resort in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica


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The flavours of Santa Teresa

There’s many great places to eat in Santa Teresa. Because of our international culture here, people from all over the world decide to make Santa Teresa their home and bring with them an amazing array of culinary choices for us to sample.

Chicken Joe’s is one place that we always mention to people. It’s not fine dining but it is some of the most deliciously prepared rotisserie chicken you can find in Costa Rica. Or if you like fish tacos then they’ve also got you covered. Originally from Peru, Chicken Joe made Santa Teresa his home.

If you do go make sure to get the yucca fries and say hi to Chef Billy.

Take a look at some of these tripadvisor reviews!

TripAdvisor reviews for Chicken Joes in Santa Teresa

TripAdvisor reviews for Chicken Joes in Santa Teresa

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So Many Activities

Latitude 10 Beach Resort offers guests a fantastic variety of tours and activities to try during their stay. Costa Rica is a country wealthy in beautiful ecosystems and exotic flora and fauna, so exploring is a must!

Here are FIVE of our favorite things to do:

1. Canopy Tour
With plush rainforest covering much of the country, Costa Rica is world renowned for its zip-lining opportunities. Near Latitude 10 there are the Montezuma Waterfall Canopy Tour and the Mal Pais Canopy Tour, both of which take visitors to adrenaline enducing heights, where breathtaking views and wildlife sightings are ensured. On the Montezuma trip guests can even go into the waterfall at the end for an exciting natural bath!

Howler Monkey at Latitude 10 Resort, Santa Teresa2. Go Kayaking
Scoot across the crystal waters of the pacific ocean by kayak, and see sea turtles, fish and more! Then adventure into the Curu Wildlife Reserve, and see all sorts of creatures, from monkeys to iguanas. Finish the tour with some fantastic snorkeling around the Tortuga Islands.

Kayaking in Curu Bay, Costa Rica3. The Spa
Enjoy a treatment at our on-site spa! Who says that activities and tours have to be all go-go-go? This time you get to just relax, and indulge in a little you-time. Select from  variety of facials, massages, scrubs and more, and decide whether you want to enjoy your treatment in the privacy of your bungalow, or on the beach.

Horseback riding near Latitude 10 Resort, Santa Teresa4. Take a Horseback Ride
Romantic walks along the beach are nothing compared to romantic horseback rides along the shore! Feel the ocean breeze sweep through your hair, accompanied by the warm sun shining down on your face. And if you’d prefer, you can take the ride to the land, and adventure through rainforest floors on horseback.

Surfing at Latitude 10

5. Go Surfing
This one may be last, but is definitely not least. Santa Teresa, the town Latitude 10 is located near, is world-renowned for its surfing beaches. With areas suited to any level of experience, this is a beloved pastime by locals and visitors alike.

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Santa Teresa: Surf, Eat, Enjoy

Latitude 10 is found just a few moments from the beautiful town of Santa Teresa in Costa Rica. This small surfing town, nurtured by the healthy tourism industry in the area and the wonderful attitude of its residents, has grown over the last couple decades to truly become a gem of the region, attracting an ever-increasing number of visitors.

Two Beach Chairs Under Beach Umbrella on Costa Rican BeachAs a result of the influx of tourists, restaurants, bars and shops have sprung up to satiate every preference and budget! And with many of the locals making a living from tourism business, this innovative and entrepreneurial spirit is poised to continue to flourish.

Latitude 10 Quesadilla Costa RicaThere is so much to do in this bustling town, afternoons can be enjoyed renting an ATV, going kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, and horseback riding, just to name a few. Gorgeous sunsets and walks along the beaches lining Santa Teresa take super fun days into memorable evenings.

Enjoying the sunset looking out from Latitude 10Pura Vida, which is the “motto” of Costa Rica, guides daily life, encouraging people to live in the moment, enjoy life and be good to others, aligning with the surf culture in the city and the surrounding area. Santa Teresa is known globally as one of the best spots in Central America for surfing, with a number of major beaches with great variance in difficulty. Playa del Carmen is one of the most popular for beginners, with Playa Santa Teresa catering to more experienced surfers.

Playa Santa Teresa, Costa RicaAnd if that weren’t enough, the way to get to Santa Teresa from Latitude 10 is enchanting. Walk, drive or take one of our complementary bikes along the country roads protected by the exotic forest!

Bikes for Guests to Use

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