The flavours of Santa Teresa

There’s many great places to eat in Santa Teresa. Because of our international culture here, people from all over the world decide to make Santa Teresa their home and bring with them an amazing array of culinary choices for us to sample.

Chicken Joe’s is one place that we always mention to people. It’s not fine dining but it is some of the most deliciously prepared rotisserie chicken you can find in Costa Rica. Or if you like fish tacos then they’ve also got you covered. Originally from Peru, Chicken Joe made Santa Teresa his home.

If you do go make sure to get the yucca fries and say hi to Chef Billy.

Take a look at some of these tripadvisor reviews!

TripAdvisor reviews for Chicken Joes in Santa Teresa

TripAdvisor reviews for Chicken Joes in Santa Teresa

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So Many Activities

Latitude 10 Beach Resort offers guests a fantastic variety of tours and activities to try during their stay. Costa Rica is a country wealthy in beautiful ecosystems and exotic flora and fauna, so exploring is a must!

Here are FIVE of our favorite things to do:

1. Canopy Tour
With plush rainforest covering much of the country, Costa Rica is world renowned for its zip-lining opportunities. Near Latitude 10 there are the Montezuma Waterfall Canopy Tour and the Mal Pais Canopy Tour, both of which take visitors to adrenaline enducing heights, where breathtaking views and wildlife sightings are ensured. On the Montezuma trip guests can even go into the waterfall at the end for an exciting natural bath!

Howler Monkey at Latitude 10 Resort, Santa Teresa2. Go Kayaking
Scoot across the crystal waters of the pacific ocean by kayak, and see sea turtles, fish and more! Then adventure into the Curu Wildlife Reserve, and see all sorts of creatures, from monkeys to iguanas. Finish the tour with some fantastic snorkeling around the Tortuga Islands.

Kayaking in Curu Bay, Costa Rica3. The Spa
Enjoy a treatment at our on-site spa! Who says that activities and tours have to be all go-go-go? This time you get to just relax, and indulge in a little you-time. Select from  variety of facials, massages, scrubs and more, and decide whether you want to enjoy your treatment in the privacy of your bungalow, or on the beach.

Horseback riding near Latitude 10 Resort, Santa Teresa4. Take a Horseback Ride
Romantic walks along the beach are nothing compared to romantic horseback rides along the shore! Feel the ocean breeze sweep through your hair, accompanied by the warm sun shining down on your face. And if you’d prefer, you can take the ride to the land, and adventure through rainforest floors on horseback.

Surfing at Latitude 10

5. Go Surfing
This one may be last, but is definitely not least. Santa Teresa, the town Latitude 10 is located near, is world-renowned for its surfing beaches. With areas suited to any level of experience, this is a beloved pastime by locals and visitors alike.

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Santa Teresa: Surf, Eat, Enjoy

Latitude 10 is found just a few moments from the beautiful town of Santa Teresa in Costa Rica. This small surfing town, nurtured by the healthy tourism industry in the area and the wonderful attitude of its residents, has grown over the last couple decades to truly become a gem of the region, attracting an ever-increasing number of visitors.

Two Beach Chairs Under Beach Umbrella on Costa Rican BeachAs a result of the influx of tourists, restaurants, bars and shops have sprung up to satiate every preference and budget! And with many of the locals making a living from tourism business, this innovative and entrepreneurial spirit is poised to continue to flourish.

Latitude 10 Quesadilla Costa RicaThere is so much to do in this bustling town, afternoons can be enjoyed renting an ATV, going kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, and horseback riding, just to name a few. Gorgeous sunsets and walks along the beaches lining Santa Teresa take super fun days into memorable evenings.

Enjoying the sunset looking out from Latitude 10Pura Vida, which is the “motto” of Costa Rica, guides daily life, encouraging people to live in the moment, enjoy life and be good to others, aligning with the surf culture in the city and the surrounding area. Santa Teresa is known globally as one of the best spots in Central America for surfing, with a number of major beaches with great variance in difficulty. Playa del Carmen is one of the most popular for beginners, with Playa Santa Teresa catering to more experienced surfers.

Playa Santa Teresa, Costa RicaAnd if that weren’t enough, the way to get to Santa Teresa from Latitude 10 is enchanting. Walk, drive or take one of our complementary bikes along the country roads protected by the exotic forest!

Bikes for Guests to Use

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The Four L’s of Latitude 10

Location – Our hotel could truly not be better situated. Located on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, and just minutes outside of the wonderful town of Santa Teresa, guests can walk or bike along rustic and enchanting roads to reach this culinary and tourism hot spot! Being a beach town, a place to surf is never far, nor is a yoga session, a spa or a relaxing place to spend an afternoon.

Sunset over ocean at Latitude 10 in Costa Rica

Luxury – With a fresh water pool overlooking the pacific ocean, 400-thread count organic cotton linens, and an on-site restaurant to keep you fed,  our property is pretty stunning. Rent just one casita, or take over the whole resort! To learn more about our property just keep exploring here.

25 anniversaryLaxin’ – Okay, so we had to drop the “Re” and the “g” that are typically used when speaking English… but we think the fact that we made a new word says a lot about us. One: we are flexible. We’re really passionate about doing things in new ways, and about always ensuring that each guest has their needs, and wants, met. Two: it is representative of how truly relaxing it is here. Dropping letters at the front and back brings to light the carefree and radical way things go on down in Santa Teresa. Spending your days by the beach, in the pool and exploring the wilderness provides for many guest an experience comparable to a spiritual retreat.

Enjoying the natural world in Costa RicaLimitless – From activities and fun to kindness and tasty food, there are a lot of things that are limitless at Latitude 10 Beach Resort. We encourage each of our guests to explore and enjoy the amazing wilderness that surrounds us, while tailoring activities to suit their interests and schedules. And if you’re coming to really just soak in the sun, we there’s a lot of time for that here, too.

Costa Rica's woodpecker

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We’re So Wild at Latitude 10!

The wildlife to be seen at Latitude 10 Beach Resort is incredible.

DSC04641Just a few minutes from Santa Teresa (which is a short walk from our grounds), guests can explore Costa Rica’s first national park. Teeming with mammals, reptiles, birds, butterflies and all kinds of vegetation, it offers guests an unparalleled experience. The whole rainforest becomes a living classroom where everyone takes a few lessons in biology, ecology and sustainability.

Garrobo at Latitude 10, Santa Teresa, Costa RicaIn the park you will see face capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, armadillos, white-tailed deer, coatis, green and black iguanas, tayras, bats, porcupines, pacas, northern tamanduas and so much more!

Wild Bird Explores the Grounds at Latitude 10 ResortThe birds which are commonly seen include woodpeckers, white-threaded magpie-jais, bare-throated tiger herons, and long tailed manakins, as well as many seabirds, which the park provides much needed protection to.

Armadillos at Latitude 10 Resort, Santa TeresaWhile the visit to Cabo Blanco is beautiful, and definitely a tour we recommend to each guest, we think the best part about Latitude 10’s relationship with wildlife, is that we don’t always have to go far to see it! Many beautiful and rare animals make their home right in the greenery surrounding our property. Wake up to the call of tropical birds, spend your days laying by the pools with iguanas and monkeys never far, and fall asleep to the sweet noises of crickets and other creatures!

Frog at Latitude 10 Resort

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Everybody’s Gone Surfin’, Surfin’ Costa Rica!

Dang that swell was gnarly! The bomb got so blown out there wasn’t even a shoulder…

Latitude10-112Does that sound like a foreign language to you? Well if it does, check out the translation here! Surfing is loved worldwide, and that is no less true in Costa Rica. Surfing in Santa Teresa is known globally as the cream of the crop in terms of beaches, waves and swells. With gorgeous beaches and safe waves to suit any level of experience, surfing is a definite must!

Line of surfboards for guests to use when in the ocean at Latitude 10The Best Parts of Surfing

1. Surfing is an awesome work out. Being a cardiovascular exercise, it is great for strengthening your heart and increasing endurance. In addition, the paddling is a serious upper body strengthener, while the actual riding of the waves works your core and lower body.

2. It is an incredible way to see the coast. While you’re speeding over the surface of the ocean on your board, you’ll see a captivating view of the rainforest and coastline from the water.

3. Surfing is super fun! Not only is it an amazing work out and a fun way to get to know Costa Rica, it is a smashing good time. The adrenaline that comes from catching a wave and riding it to the shore is exceptional, and the endorphins released from a session of surfing will carry you through to the end of the day!

Two Beach Chairs Under Beach Umbrella on Costa Rican BeachLatitude 10 was founded by a group of people dedicated to developing an unparalleled vacation experience defined by relaxation, escape and adventure. The special spot reserved for surfing in the heart of Latitude 10 and all our employees definitely traces back to our founders.

A surfer with a shortboard checks out the surf

A surfer with a shortboard checks out the surf

But for Latitude 10, surfing is just as much about finding the perfect wave, as it is about ensuring that the beaches those waves land on are healthy now, and for many years to come. We invite you to come to Costa Rica and cash in on this amazing carbon-neutral activity!

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Chocolate Lovers Unite

Coffee and bananas and pineapples, oh my! Yes, Costa Rica is famous for these three exports, but there’s another product that is experiencing a resurgence in the region: chocolate.

Home-made warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream local ingredients

Home-made warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream from Latitude 10 Beach Resort

Throughout Central America there is a boom in chocolate production, ignited by a number of factors. From the successful engineering of fungi resistant beans (in response to the fungi that decimated the industry in the 1970’s) to increasing conflict in key production regions in Africa, Costa Rican farmers are looking increasingly towards cocoa as a sustainable and profitable crop.

Though Costa Rica has not yet grown to be a major player in cocoa production world wide, there are many models throughout the country of farmers who have succeeded and thrived, giving up and comers and idea of what lies ahead for them.

Since the release in 2007 of scientific research vetting the health benefits of dark chocolate, the demand for fine dark chocolate has been on a steady increase. This trend and Costa Rica are a match made in chocolate heaven, as Costa Rica is the only country in Central America, and one of nine in the world, which exports this fine-flavour chocolate, according to this article.

In addition, the increasing demand for fair trade chocolate only adds fuel to this exciting, chocolatey, delicious, mouth watering… mmm… fire. Why, you may ask, is increasing the number of cocoa farms in the region, a positive thing?

Ziplining with Montezuma Tours1. Cocoa requires very few agrochemicals (compared to other huge exports like bananas and pineapples).

2. Cocoa trees need shade, so they can actually be planted throughout the rainforest, avoiding clear cutting.

3. Because cocoa can grow in an area populated with trees, the farmers can use one plot of land for multiple crops. This reduces the amount of land they need, and ensures that they can be harvesting something all the time.

Santa Teresa, which is under minutes by bike from Latitude 10, is a city with a thriving culinary scene. As interest in culinary tourism grows, the city and its people have responded by expanding and improving their already unique, inventive and delicious restaurants to incorporate new ingredients and recipes. Everyone who stays with us at Latitude 10 leaves with a refreshed feeling towards food, and life in general!

Sunsets at Latitude 10, Santa Teresa, Costa RicaHere are are a few flavors that pair wonderfully well with chocolate to inspire you in your creations at home and selections at the grocery store!

  • Pear
  • Raspberry
  • Banana
  • Lavender
  • Cinnamon
  • Chili
  • Bacon
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Costa Rica’s Legendary World Cup Run

Costa Rica has long been known for having an exciting and diverse green tourism industry, but more recently, Costa Rica earned some serious acclaim for successes on the soccer pitch! Coming into the World Cup ranked 28th, Costa Rica was expected to come in at the bottom of their “group of death”, most likely being handily beaten by England, Uruguay and Italy.

Well, what transpired could not have been further from that. Costa Rica, with a scoreless draw against England (ranked 10th), a 1-0 win over Italy (ranked 9th) and a 3-1 win over Uruguay (ranked 7th), advanced from the group stages with the number one seeding in group D. Long live the underdog!


The squad.

From there, Costa Rica beat Greece in a nail biting 1-1 game that went to shootouts. Costa Rica met their end in the quarter finals, when they lost in a shootout to the Netherlands, a very strong opponent.

In wake of Costa Rica’s underdog success, there has been a flurry of intrigue into what makes a strong soccer team. According to this article, wealth of nation, population size and access to resources are not determinants for success on the pitch. So, what is? We believe it’s a little good old fashioned Pura Vida.


Celebrating their shoot-out win against Greece to advance to the final eight!

As our countrymen fought during each of the 350+ minutes of soccer they played, they indeed had much more to inspire them than just monetary incentives. Knowing that their whole nation was watching them, and cheering them on, must have made a difference!

From the impressive goalie, Guillermo Ochoa, to the star striker, Joel Campbell, Costa Rica had a magnificent showing in their fourth world cup, in making it to the final eight. We couldn’t be more proud. Looking forward to 2018!

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Us and You

What is now Latitude 10 Beach Resort was built in 2006 as a private residence.

With two separate beach houses, three guest casitas and a main area for dining, lounging and playing, the layout was purposed to provide multiple groups opportunities to have communal space and shared experiences, while also giving them just enough privacy to feel they’re on a tropical escape, with time and space to relax and be reclusive. Today Latitude 10 upholds that ethos, as a small luxury eco-resort.

Signs for on-site cafe at Latitude 10 ResortOur Casitas
With queen and king size beds, 400-thread count organic cotton linens, and outdoor showers with running hot water, we like to spoil our guests. Our private bungalows also have private porches, spacious living rooms and mini bars, with twice-daily housekeeping, and access to bicycles, boogie boards, books and board games. Needless to say, our visitors are well taken care of, and well entertained!


a netted in king size bed

One of our gorgeous casitas!

Our Grounds
With two Master Suites, three Junior Suites and one guest room, we have capacity for 17 guests. Our clientele is made up of anyone from lone travellers and small families to girls’ getaways and larger groups. Being so small, availability permitting, groups can rent out our whole resort for family reunions, work vacations and everything in between!

Pool at Latitude 10 Resort - Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

The Pool at Latitude 10

Our Location
Perched on the Nicoya Peninsula, just outside the small town of Santa Teresa, we’re perfectly situation for anyone interested in surfing. The Nicoya Peninsula is known globally as one of the best surfing spots, with good conditions throughout the year, and ample variance in surf size to suit any skill level.

Culture Day in Costa Rica

Culture Day in Costa Rica

Our Philosophy
The pinnacle of our ideology is sustainability. Sustainability for us is three-pronged, with us aiming to achieve not only environmental, but social and economic sustainability too. This means beyond our contributions to environmental protection and conservation in the area, we are active in contributing back to the community and are always looking for ways to strengthen and develop the local economy.

Horseback riding near Latitude 10 Resort, Santa Teresa

Horseback riding near our property!

Our Guests
The people who come to stay at Latitude 10 Beach Resort come from all over the world, occupy tons of different professions and range in every possible age. The one thing many of them share, is a need to escape their hectic working lives to re-energize and recharge, which is exactly what they do here. With a blissful “combination of luxury, comfort and hominess”, as expressed by one of our guests, a stay here invites one to spend time close to nature (with open air casita’s this is made easy) and really refocus and discover what you need from life.

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We Love Fruit

For anyone who can appreciate the pleasure provided by sinking their teeth into a succulent sweet tropical treat, continue reading. With a climate perfect for the cultivation of many different fruits, we have a steady supply of local, inexpensive and delicious fruit. Fruits are so awesome because they are not only absolutely delicious, but they have all the right kinds of sugars, with all the right kinds of health benefits.

The main fruits of the Nicoya Peninsula are pineapple, papaya, banana, mango, lime, passion fruit, watermelon, and guanabana. Each of these has a completely different flavour, but each is as exotic and versatile as the last.

The creativity and innovative spirit that defines today’s culinary sector was not always so present. Only in the last decade or so has food become so involved in pop-culture and social enterprise. You can walk down the streets of any metropolitan city and run into a local doughnut shop with bacon maple doughnuts and then pop into a local and organic food store with an abundance of goji berries and almond butter.

Costa Rica’s tourism industry has grown up in this revolutionary era of food creation, and has truly bought into the invention and experimentation that so characterizes it. Combining and blending unexpected flavors and ingredients together is a joy for any modern day chef, especially in Costa Rica. The abundance of this fruit means access to outstanding flavors that can be used when creating any dish, from poultry and fish to sushi and stir fry.

Still, one of our favorite things to do with our incredible fresh fruit is make smoothies. They’re so easy and you can experiment all you want! The best smoothies – or as they’re called in Spanish, batidos – come from combining an acidic fruit with a more basic one, so bananas are a staple in many as they are sweet but not acidic. They pair fantastically with any fruit including pineapples, mangos, strawberries and papayas.

To create a mouth-watering smoothie begin with a fruit bowl like this one…

CRI_131210_03794Put it in a blender…

CRI_131210_04010And voila!

Tropical Cocktail and Book by the Pool

Our best tip for making smoothies is you have to freeze the bananas. There’s no need for ice this way, and your smoothie will have a much creamier texture. We invite you to try out some exotic fresh fruit smoothies at home, and then come join us at Latitude 10 Beach Resort and make some for yourself here in the tropics!

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